Therapy Session

For all the lovers of the solo session struggles.

1st try: Well, that wasn’t it, but let’s try a few to see where this goes.

3rd try: Nope, still not it, but laying in bed last night, I totally figured this trick out, definitely going to land it tonight.

7th try: Wax, I think it needs wax. It’s gotta be the wax.

12th try: Did I respond to Steve’s email or mark it as read? Well, Steve, I hope you’re happy. I just rolled by the ledge and didn’t even pop.

17th try: That was kinda close; what did I do? Not sure, kinda blacked out. More of that.

24th try: What are you doing with your life? No idea, but now is not the time to figure it out. You’re laying on the ground, and your thumb scab is starting to bleed again.

27th try: Why isn’t this working? I’ve started at the second oil stain on the left, thrown down at the first pillar, and popped right after the crack exactly the same way every try and not had any different results.

28th try: Why is Vans spending so much money on billboards lately?

31st try: Does skating alone at 10 PM while my wife and kid sleep at home make me a bad father?

40th try: Yep, we’re there. You’re cursing and talking to yourself out loud again. Is this weird? Of course, it’s weird. It’s been weird for the past 20 years, don’t try to rationalize it now.

47th try: Hey you, the person 100 feet away that walked by the garage door. I definitely would have landed this if you didn’t distract me out of the corner of my eye.

55th try: Okay, 5 more tries and that’s it…unless you get close, then you get a few more.

60th try: That was one foot on. 3 more tries.

65th try: That was horrible, can’t end on that.

68th try: One more

79th try: Fuck.

One hour, forty-five minutes, nothing to show.

But for the last half, all that shit you didn’t want to think about, you haven’t thought.

Minus the tiny details of trying this meaningless trick, your mind has been completely blank.

Feels nice.

Meditation next week? Same time, same place?

Yep, see you there.




Learning in public for the benefit of others. Skateboarding, Marketing, and the search for self-worth.

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Damon Thorley

Damon Thorley

Learning in public for the benefit of others. Skateboarding, Marketing, and the search for self-worth.

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